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Enter the fresh, unmistakable feeling of a freshly-showered produce department: a basket of leafy greens, sweet celery and glossy tomatoes on the vine just brushed up against a bushel of juicy tree fruits. It's a shockingly full-bodied aroma that feels equal parts healthy and wealthy, so you can save yourself a few trips to the local juice bar. 

Top: Celery Seed, Apple, Spearmint
Mid: Greens, Tomato Fruit, Tomato Leaf
Base: Tomato, Herbal 


14.5 oz. Double Wick Candle
Smell House Proprietary Coconut Wax Blend
100% Braided Cotton Wick, Lead-Free

2.8 oz. Single Wick Candle
Smell House Proprietary Coconut Wax Blend
100% Braided Cotton Wick, Lead-Free
Jar Can Be Reused As Glassware!

Hand Poured in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Fragrance Made in the USA

Paper Air Freshener w/ Elastic for Dangling
Made in the USA


Customer Reviews

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Love this scent!

I love this candle! I got the sample size and I can’t stop smelling it. Smells fresh and inviting, exactly like a delicious green juice.

kristine van galder
A very fresh scent indeed!

The Juice Hoax candle gave our room a lively and fresh vibe, I will definitely buy again and give as a gifts! The candles are long lasting which is a great value too, the 2 wicks are great.

If Heaven had a smoothie station..

So freaking good. Literally smells like a juice bar I used to work at, with a touch of jolly rancher lol. I got the anywhere freshener and made the mistake of storing it with a freshener of another fragrance (All Inclusive - also a delicious Smell House fragrance), which unfortunately picked up the celery notes from Juice Hoax - you've been warned.

I agree with one of the reviews that said it wasn't as botanical as expected (I hope Smell House tries their hand at a braver and fresher green and botanical fragrance). That said, Juice Hoax is still juicy and awesome so I'm definitely ordering it again - though I will be storing smarter moving forward.

We're stoked to hear that you love Juice Hoax - it's been one of our favorites from the start! Thanks so much for your support & for the great and honest feedback. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Not Really What I Was Looking For

I didn’t smell the tomato or tomato vine at all. The air freshener mostly smelled like spearmint and greens. It was still pretty nice, but it was not what I was looking for.


Honestly can’t really explain how accurate the name of this candle is? I love it so much and can’t wait to make this the scent of summer 2022!!!

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